NO&YO Ambassador Campbell

NO&YO Ambassador Campbell


Campbell plans on through-hiking the Appalachian or the Pacific Crest Trail in 2016. Even though Campbell is the youngest of our NO&YO ambassadors, he makes up for the years in courage, determination and thoughtfulness. He spends as much time as he has preparing for the long trek by making extensive winter and overnight hikes all over the East Cost where he lives. The outdoors healed him in his low times and despite the fact that he didn’t think that he could find a refuge in nature, it did more for him than he could ever imagine. It became his first passion. He believes that it’s extremely important to treat our outdoor environment the way we would like to be treated and he practices Leave No Trace and outdoor ethics. NO&YO asked Campbell few questions about himself and adventure in general and this is what he had to say: NO&YO Ambassador

What does "adventure" mean to you?

When I think of adventure, the first thing that comes to mind is going into anything blind. What I mean by this is having no knowledge or mindset when going into something, whether it’s a hike, month-long backpacking trip or even just life. For me, going into something open-minded often leads to the most individual growth, and it also helps me learn more about my surroundings.

What’s your favorite adventure to-date?

My favorite adventure has to be a three-week backpacking trip in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. It was by far one of the most enlightening and educational moments of my life so far.

What’s your largest accomplishment (by your standards) in adventure and exploration?

The largest adventure accomplishment so far would still be my backpacking trip into the White Mountains. The White Mountains are notorious for being one of the most difficult portions on the Appalachian Trail with the most ascents. There was a day where I gained about 4,000 feet of elevation on the trail. It was a great preparation for what I can expect in 2016.

What do you want to explore in the near future?

In 2016, it’s my goal to through-hike the Appalachian Trail or the Pacific Crest Trail. These two trails are very different from one another from the terrain to the scenery. I have a lot of planning to do in the next year as well making a decision which trail I’ll pursue first. Whichever one I’ll chose, it would be a challenge and also an accomplishment.

NO&YO Ambassador Why did you want to become NO&YO ambassador?

One of the main reasons why I wanted to become a NO&YO ambassador is the message that the shirts and the company relay. For me, the Mountain & Sun tee isn't just a shirt; it’s something that’s there to remind me of my accomplishments on the trail and off. It’s something that is me.

What was the last road less traveled you took?

The road less traveled I take is just trying to be me. I try and do my best and just being who I am.

What is your passion of the moment?

My passion currently is the outdoors. I love everything about them. I even love the pain you feel after a long hike. The outdoors could be cruel and carry inherent dangers but when you learn to respect it, you’ll be fascinated by its power and reap the best rewards.

To Follow Campbell's preparations and adventures, check him out on IG @trailrunning_. NO&YO Ambassador BECOME PART OF THE NO&YO TRIBE: Stay in touchStay in touchStay in touchStay in touchStay in touchStay in touch

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