NO&YO Ambassadors Becca & Alex

NO&YO Ambassadors Becca & Alex


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NO&YO is very proud to introduce you to our new family members. Becca and Alex are a true representation of what it means to live life to the fullest. Just look at their smiles and you will be tempted to give them a hug. The chemistry between both of them can easily be appreciated in each of their photos.  We are truly honored to have them on board as part of the NO&YO tribe! Welcome! 

Get to know them too:

Who is Becca & Alex?

We are a married duo devoted to living each day to the fullest, finding adventure in everything we do and falling more in love while we're at it! We travel 6-8 months out of each year filling our days with rock climbing, hiking and summiting peaks.

What does "adventure" mean to you?

 We live for adventure. It's in our morning joe, our trusty hiking boots and in our 38 year old Toyota Chinook that we call home. We live for the moments that scare the $&*^ out of us and that's what we love!

NO&YO, Outdoor Adventure Clothing, NO&YO Clothing, Live Life Like It Matters

What are your future plans?

We plan to continue to do what we love, exploring lands that haven't been influenced by the hand of man and climbing "that mountain over there"!

How do you like to explore?

We travel in a 1978 Toyota Chinook which is a mix between a truck, van and Class B motorhome.

NO&YO, Outdoor Adventure Clothing, Outdoor Lifestyle, NO&YO Clothing

Why did you become a NO&YO ambassador?

There are a dime a dozen clothing companies consumers can choose from. But how many of those companies can you literally feel the stoke in their clothing? Not many. NO&YO produces products that inspires folks to get outside and explore. The sentiment behind NO&YO is one that breathes passion and LIFE!

What was the last "road less traveled" you took?

The road less traveled is the faint climbers trail leading to vertical heaven where we can climb for weeks on end. It's the dirt road we've been traveling for the past 2 hours wondering if the wheels are going to fall off our van. Or maybe the road less traveled is simply the hikes that make us truly question the meaning of life. The road less traveled is the best road by all of our standards!

NO&YO, Outdoor Adventure Clothing,, NO&YO Lifestyle, NO&YO Clothing

Most important freedom?

The freedom to do what we love is the greatest freedom of all! When we lay our heads down in our trusty Chinook every night, it brings us peace to know that we spent the day exactly how we wanted to. That's freedom, to spend each day content when the sun sets behind the mountain.

What is your passion of the moment?

Our passions lie in whatever we do that pushes our limits! Breaking into that next range of climbing routes or summiting a peak we've had on our horizon means we're pushing our limits. Wherever our passions take us, we plan to always be living the good life!


Follow Becca and Alex @roamwildandfree on IG.


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