NO&YO Ambassador Pam

Ambassador Pam NO&YO's newest ambassador Pam is a bad ass chick! She's a certified diver, an ASA Skipper (sailing), a certifed crossfit coach and a personal trainer. She like skydiving, rock climbing, hiking, SUP, kayaking; even though she claims that she is really terrible at it. She'd rather be walking through moutains in places people have never heard of or swimming with sharks and rays than sitting at a desk. She also started her travel blog "Lost but Making good Time" in March. Mainly she writes her blog to chronicle all the places that she's gone and all the places she's going to. In her own words; it's not to give tips or tricks like most travel bloggers but to talk about her experiences and life philosophy of sort. Get to know Ambassador Pam here: In few sentences (or in many) – who is Pam? I’m a traveler, adrenaline junkie, water loving, former soccer playing girl born and raised in Texas who wants to see and do as much as I can in this life. What does "adventure" means to you? I kind of have this belief in the every day adventure. Adventure to me in the traditional sense means going out and exploring places and things you’ve never done before but since most of us can’t always be going and doing, to me adventure can take many shapes. It can be learning something new, going for a bike ride around your neighborhood and noticing something you haven’t before. To me adventure is opening your eyes and heart to the world around you to take in everything possible, near and far. Ambassador Pam What’s your favorite adventure to-date? That’s really tough…. I love everything I’ve done to date even when things went wrong or had not the best ending. But I would probably have to say that my favorite adventure to date was my month abroad in Europe when I was 18. I was with 40 other 17 and 18 year olds for a month. Driving through Europe from London to Nice on a bus. We hit 5 countries and did loads of amazing stuff like skiing in the French alps, White water rafting in Switzerland, Punting on the Cam, learning how to cook in Florence. Overall it was just such an amazing experience. It was my first big foray into the world, completely alone, despite being surrounded by people. What’s your largest accomplishment (by your standards) in adventure/exploration? Driving out of San Francisco to Byron to sky dive. It has nothing to do with the driving in a new city, it has to do with the fact I jumped out of a plane. Something I said I would NEVER do. And I did it and I LOVED it! Ambassador Pam What do you want to explore/pursue/try in the future? Any plans? OMG Everywhere and everything? However, to begin with, Vegas in December and then Amsterdam/Utretch/The Hauge in April. My best friend lives there so it’s going to be awesome. Then my current big plan is to work with my current company for another year and then (apply and hopefully) get a job teaching English in some country in Europe to begin with and travel all over while teaching. And then go from there. I just know that I can’t do 9-5 at a desk for the rest of my life. How do you like to explore? What’s your adventure style? The way I usually go about exploring is I do a bit of research on the place before hand. Like looking up places I might want to go to but generally I just like to go and see where I feel like going and what I feel like doing. Usually it involves loads of walking and hiking. If it’s the right season/geographical location I will do just about anything outdoors. When I was in Hawaii in May it was surfing, snorkeling, ziplining, biking, swimming with the manta rays, cliff diving and hiking. You name it and I would definitely do it. Ambassador Pam Why did you want to become NO&YO ambassador? I saw your “Get Lost on Purpose” shirt and Jackson and Polk while I was in San Francisco and considering that is a phrase I use often as a life mantra, it kind of seemed like fate. Whenever, wherever I go, I get lost on purpose and it’s one of my favorite ways to experience a new place. What was the last road less traveled you took? I would have to say my entire life is a road less traveled. I’ve always done my own thing. I think I always will. But if you are talking about actual “roads” it was probably when I was hiking Muir woods and didn’t exactly stick to the Dipsea trail I had intended to. It definitely extended my hike but it was totally worth seeing all the various views and the deer that hiked along with me. Ambassador Pam What’s the most important “freedom” to you? What makes you free? The most important freedom to me, is the freedom to control my own life by making my own choices. There are many things that get me closer to being free. Like music and writing and exploring but what truly makes me free are all of those things put together. What is your passion of the moment? Life. Living life is my passion. But on my own terms. Not on the one’s society has set forth. It took me longer than I had hoped to figure out that enjoying life was all I ever wanted because I never thought it was ok to just want that. But after some hard life lessons and some pretty scary times and some help from my Mom and my best friend, I realized that it was ok to just want to be happy and to pursue it like anything else. Ambassador Pam Follow Pam's story and adventure at her IG, FB or her blog Lost but Making Good Time!