Men's best friend - Cookie, my GSP!

Men's best friend - Cookie, my GSP!


They say a dog is men's best friend. 

And I disagree. Why? Because my dog is a dog. 

Dang! They are right. I've been through so many things with Cookie that indeed she is my best friend. 

Yes, I named her Cookie as she reminds me of an Oreo Cookie. 

But in reality, she is my best friends because she moves my emotions in every direction possible. I can get angry at her. Especially when she ate my whole roasted chicken. 

I love her when she wags that tail violently from left to right letting me know she misses me. Such a nice welcome. 

She makes me laugh when... Well when not. For a smart dog, she does some stupid stuff and I think it is just to amuse me. 

I've come to realize she is my best friend and not simply her welcoming kisses, but because she allows me to explore all my emotions and teaches me to know  how to love. 

In conclusion, a dog  is men's best friend because of the emotions we get to explore as we care and love them. In the end, a dog is truly a species that is men's best friend. 

Do you agree? Do you have a dog? What type of dog do you have? 

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