On the Road - Days 4&5&6

Soooo since someone sprained her ankle after our delicious late dinner in Eureka, we decided to take few days and take some R&R. That hopefully allows for our towels to finally fully dry out, we’ll be able to catch up on some “real work” and enjoy some sunshine! Enjoy our photos from the trip so far and next time we’ll talk to you from SoCal! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook! IMG_2269IMG_2941 (2)IMG_2317IMG_2360IMG_2394IMG_2470IMG_2476IMG_2598IMG_2615IMG_2705IMG_2802IMG_2816IMG_2824IMG_2833IMG_2837IMG_2877IMG_2886IMG_2891 (2)IMG_2902IMG_2905IMG_3054IMG_2913IMG_3074IMG_3035