Even Pros live in a van

Even pros live in a van? You mean professional people? Why? If you have money why would you chose to live in a small space without the amenities and securities of a house or an apartment? Isn't it beneath you? Why would you do it to yourself - you've came so far in your career! Those are some surprise comments and questions that we heard ourselves when we decided to move full-time into our vintage RV last November. But more about that in detail in another post... Finally there is an article written by our favorite Dirtbag Darling "Meet the Pro Baseball player who lives in a van" that she wrote for GrindTV, which shows that money or status does't necessarily change the connections one may seek by living in a van or an RV; being it connection with nature, other people or themselves. Hopefully this article can shed some light on what also laid behind our decisions to live in an RV. Pros live in a van Meet the pro baseball player who lives in a van Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Daniel Norris opts for life on four wheels By Johnie Gall Peek into the garage of any professional baseball player and you’re likely to see a shiny sports car with a hefty price tag. But not Daniel Norris’, as the 21-year-old Toronto Blue Jays pitching prospect from Johnson City, Tennessee, doesn’t even have a garage. In fact, his house is void of many of the luxuries that come with a lucrative pro sports career and a $2 million signing bonus. That’s because Norris lives in a van. “To keep this simple, they think I’m pretty weird,” laughs Norris, who says the people running the Blue Jays organization were wary at first of his unorthodox living situation. “They find it rather interesting.” But the more you know about Norris, the more apparent it becomes that it’s the alternative—four walls lined with electronics and shiny appliances—that would be “weird.” You can read the rest of the post here All photos Curtesy of Norris BECOME PART OF THE NO&YO TRIBE: Stay in touchStay in touchStay in touchStay in touchStay in touchStay in touch