1000 miles in 7 days

1000 miles in 7 days aka NO&YO mini Cali vacation How do you drive 1000 miles in 7 days? Showing off California! It's easy – everything is different and everything is beautiful in its own way! And then there is when the luck is on your side and all those things are elevated to the next level because of the weather that follows you across the whole state and the luck that won’t leave your side. Starting in SoCal we showed off our sailing skills in the Newport Harbor – twice! The weather was in the high 70’s, we saw dolphins, caught up on life and burnt our faces a bit. As many times as we sailed Newport Bay, nature always surprises us with a view that amazes and that evening was no different. rsz_img_1373 1000 miles in 7 days The main event of the mini vacation was a trip to Lake Tahoe. Yeah it took about 10 hours to get there by car but hey it’s Lake Tahoe, right? The day after our arrival, aka ski day, we got fresh powder, the only snowfall since Christmas! Skiing was expensive but there weren’t many people out there and no lift lines at all. What are the chances that the only day that we decide to ski, we get snowfall. At night we went to the opening of Hard Rock Café Casino in Lake Tahoe and listened to some groovy MoJo Green music! And the next day? Beautiful sunny clear day – perfect for exploring the lake and some breweries! 1000 miles in 7 days 1000 miles in 7 days 1000 miles in 7 days After Tahoe we headed to San Francisco. The foggy city and what? - There is no fog to be found! The best day since we lived there few years ago. Another unusually warm and sunny day for some sightseeing, Golden Gate picture taking and drinks at the Comstock Saloon. 1000 miles in 7 days 1000 miles in 7 days 1000 miles in 7 days 1000 miles in 7 days The coolest way to get back to LA is on Hwy 1, so here we went…stopping at Half Moon Bay to check on the Mavericks, and then in Santa Cruz. The weather was superb in the low 80’s, surf was more than decent with water filled with surfers – perfect for some people watching and catching those sunrays in the middle of winter. At the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum we happened to meet a legend, who loved our shirts and took few home (more about him in another post). We spent few hours just chatting about the good ol’ times in Santa Cruz and then head south through Big Sur while reminiscing of the camp spots we visited. 1000 miles in 7 days On the way down we realized that we put in around 1000 miles and had some great luck on this trip. Let’s recap: 80’s in OC for sailing, getting powder on the day of skiing while the next day sunshine let us appreciate the clear beauty of Lake Tahoe, opening of Hard Rock Café the one night we’re in Tahoe, no fog in San Francisco, meeting a surfing legend in Santa Cruz and 80’s temperatures for the last day of vaca in OC. All in all greatest Cali time! 1000 miles in 7 days BECOME PART OF THE NO&YO TRIBE: Stay in touchStay in touchStay in touchStay in touchStay in touchStay in touch