NO&YO Goes Well Beyond Sea Level

This was the first field test, done by our designer Zach & his wife Shannon. Our designer Zach provided us with the first test-run of our shirts last week. He and his wife took NO&YO far above Orange County, to the top of Mt. San Jacinto. To be specific, 10,800 feet above SoCal's surfers and paddle boards.The trip was three days long, temperatures in the 80's, and they carried all of their supplies on their backs! As you can see from the pictures below, they gave it all they had. And NO&YO shirts did too. Zach also let us on a secret - because the shirts are made from a ring spun cotton and are brushed for pliability and softness, on this trip they were also used as pillow covers at night. NO&YO shirts got the thumbs up and so do Zach and his wife for their hiking adventures.
san j 1
san j 2