Backstage Outdoor Vibes with NO&YO

As we said many many times before, we love talking to you face to face. As it‘s been happening since this summer at all the trade shows and more intimate local market shows, we get asked about the ins and outs of running a company like NO&YO… and so welcome to the Backstage Outdoor Vibes with NO&YO! Many of you are asking us to give you some background into our designs that we create as NO&YO (you can read our post in May) but a lot of you are interested also in the business aspect of NO&YO: not only our future plans but also more immediate plans on the horizon. You ask to see little more into the background of t-shirt business owners and so here you’re getting your very own Backstage Outdoor Vibes with NO&YO VIP ticket. Backstage Outdoor Vibes We believe that transparency builds integrity as well as loyalty and so we’re as open about our plans as we can. With that said, and providing that since we still can, we like to change our plans as often as necessary☺ This provides us with the freedom necessary to react to your feedback on our designs as well as quality of our shirts. As a business, at the onset of NO&YO, we decided that we would operate the way we want to and the way that makes sense for the size of our company as well as the customer that we attract. We didn’t want to play by the rules of the industry just for the sake of the rules, especially if they don’t make sense to small business ownership. It may make sense in few years but it may never make sense, so we will adjust as we go. Backstage Outdoor Vibes So instead of coming up with two complete lines every single year, in the spring and fall, we pride ourselves on coming up with few designs every 3 months or so. This way we can really control the quality of the design, the production as well as our sanity, which is kind of impetrative to the business too. Our biggest show in December will be our favorite - Unique USA in downtown LA. It was our very first show at the beginning of this year and Sonya Rasula and all the customers that we met at Unique have been so good to us, we will keep on coming back. And because of this “love fest” we have with Unique, we are ramping up a new production of tees, sweatshirts, as well as some special Holiday gift sets to be premiered in December at the show. Backstage Outdoor Vibes We listened to you and to what you like or what we lack and this is what we’re coming up with: men’s new designs that will continue our Outdoor Vibes Series, designs that guys were asking for a while, new women’s designs and men’s design on women’s tees, new sweatshirts for men and women as well as our growing kids line. Our Holiday Gift set will be off the hook and we will only create limited amount of these, so hopefully you’ll be the one to get them. You’ll be also able to win some of our softest tees in a raffle at the end of the weekend. If that’s not a good reason to come see us – I don’t know what is! So here you have it: answers to your questions about our current plans in these Backstage Outdoor Vibes with NO&YO. We have more awesome plans in our pockets but you’ll have to wait for those just few months. We like hearing from you; from what you like, what designs we should be printing, to what adventures you’re taking right now! So let us know!!! Backstage Outdoor Vibes If you liked what you read, don’t forget to sign up for our email updates, get 15% off your first on-line purchase and be entered into monthly drawing of NO&YO gear! Get social with us on Instagram or Facebook!