Happy Holidays All!

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happy holidays!

hello all, when i started NO&YO in 2012 it was nothing more than a desire for freedom to enjoy family and friends during birthdays, unexpected out of town visits and holidays. 

the hassle to get a day off from work always put a damper on the holiday season that for many years i never took the day off simply because i didn't want to appear as an anti company individual. 

so when i started NO&YO i told myself that would never happen in my company. now at the end of 2018 i find myself realizing that the older i get the more important family becomes and all those that surround NO&YO. 

thus i am keeping the promise to myself, no more working when family comes first. and the people at NO&YO agree that family comes first.

we are close for black friday and for the weekend as we are all eating too much food but with a happy face. 

thank you for understanding. 


Happy Holidays!


yanni, founder

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