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This is my new “go to” t-shirt. Great design, nice pop of color without being too loud, and the material is super soft, lightweight, and durable.

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Ha! I just took my new T for a beautiful sunny cross country ski excursion on Donner Summit yesterday! Slipped it right over my nice thermal long sleeve and wore it nicely for all to enjoy!
Great colors and design! Very comfortable.
Thank You All!

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Not only does the sweatshirt have a cool design, it is super soft, the sleeves long enough that after several washes, don’t shrink up, and it is a perfect fit. I wear a XS or SM shirt (4-6), and this sweatshirt fits with a little room, yet sized small without being restrictive or stiff. I never like taking it off. I also have a small women’s t-shirt and it is just as soft and comfortable. I love No&Yo designs – for this CA kid, now in Texas, the designs remind me of home.

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